New software 1.3 released 2018-06-27

We would like to present new software version, 1.3, which is implementing following upgrades:

- Faster unit initialisation.

After turning scooter on with master switch, actual settings are no more displayed on the screen, and unit is immediately in ready-to-drive mode. To check and adjust current settings, please hold right trigger, when turning on the unit. (no change with entering settings compared to 1.2 software)

- Acceleration characteristic customizable

In settings menu "lever gear", so far, user could change gear's RPM distribution, to allow for better speed matching with other units. We realised that, with ours simple gear-one-handed steering, this option is not used.
Insted of gear's RPM distribution, in 1.3 version user can choose there acceleration speed (softness of start), accoring to own preferences- from slow-normal-fast settings. Fast setting is ~30% faster than oryginal Seacraft speed of acceleration. This is applicable to gear 1-9, gear "+" is still a special booster gear, with it's own acceleration characteristic, adjusted to user drag, battery status, and steering.

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New post-swirl stator released 2017-12-12

Since the beginning of construction works, Seacraft scooters used innovative stator system, inspired by jet engine construction. All propellers work cause torque effect- natural consequence of it’s rotating action, what causes water stream to swirl, and creates turning force on scooter handle what increases diver’s fatigue.

Our system interacts with propeller slipstream, changing it’s swirl to net thrust- and ejects more uniform water collumn- what increases maneuverability and decreases silting when moving close to fine-sediments bottom.

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